葡國姊妹學校探訪交流之旅 Portuguese Sister School Exchange Visit


聖若瑟六校與葡國 ESLA學校去年初結為姊妹學校。於2020年1月,喬樹勇校長踏出了歷史的第一步帶領三位老師到訪葡國進行了姊妹學校的交流活動。
We paid a visit to Agrupamento de Escolas Drª Laura Ayres, our sister school in Portugal in January 2020.


On 28th of January, there was a formal welcome during the school assembly. Three students showed their talents by playing the accordion, the guitar, and the flute and all the students sang a Chinese song together to welcome us. They really gave brilliant performances. It was so impressive! After that, the student representative introduced their school to us. In return, our school principal, Dr. Kio gave a speech to express our immense gratitude and introduced CDSJ6 briefly. Miss Chong shared about the school events and activities as well.


Later, we took a tour around the campus and conducted classroom observations. We found that most of the lessons were student-oriented; the students demonstrated and explained how experiments worked. They enjoyed the lessons very much.


We had a tea break and lunch at the school canteen. Actually, it was an experimental restaurant. Trainee students served us attentively. The school provided the opportunity to consolidate their theoretical foundation through practical experience. The students could further develop their profession and capacity to handle challenging situations in the real business world. We were really satisfied with the food and service. It could be seen that the quality of teaching in the school was excellent.


In the afternoon, we met Mrs Bernardes, the current principal of the school. We shared the information about both school’s curriculum, school policies and school events. At the end of the meeting, we exchanged souvenirs. It was really a valuable experience for us to develop an understanding of both school’s educational philosophy and systems as we could develop friendships and appreciation between two countries’ students and teachers.


On the second day, we visited ESLA kindergarten and primary school. Although their campus sites were located in different areas, they were very close and easy to get around as they were in the same town. Before we arrived, students were waiting at the entrances and got ready to perform. They played the drums and sang lovely songs for us. Moreover, the teachers showed us around and introduced different parts of the schools. At the same time, we exchanged a lot of ideas about teaching resources, course materials and teaching strategies. Teachers prepared wonderful cakes and tea for us; they were so hospitable! It made the journey even more meaningful and memorable.

是次探訪提供了一個專業交流及合作的平台,有助我們兩所姊妹學校建立長期合作的友好關係。期望將來透過不同形式的交流活動,締結深厚情誼, 開闊師生視野,促進兩地學校的發展,培育優秀的人才。相信不久將來,我們兩校師生走進對方的校園 ,互訪交流 ,親身體驗當地的學習 、生活和文化 ,相互啟發 ,與時並進。最後,本人衷心感謝教青局的資助以致旅程順利進行,為旅程畫上完滿的句號。

The trip provided a platform to facilitate exchange between CDSJ6 and Agrupamento de Escolas Drª Laura Ayres.  Through exchange and collaboration, we have expanded our network, enhanced understanding and communication, strengthened cultural interflow, and achieved mutual advancement.  The experience was commendable. We believe two sister schools will certainly be reunited soon to allow the students to further exchange our experience and learn from each other. We are looking forward to holding more activities in the near future to strengthen the bond between teachers and students of the two schools in the near future. Last but not least, I sincerely express my gratefulness to DSEJ’s support. It made a really amazing trip for us.